The Cast Of The Perfect Arrangement On Inkblot Meet And Greet

On Today’s Episode, we have the Cast Our Latest Movie The Perfect Arrangement, Bovi, Pere, Sharon and the Executive Producer Eku Edewor Sit down with our Hosts to talk everything concerning The Perfect Arrangement.  

They discuss what it was like on set playing Chike, Chidi and Tade, the ‘Perfect’ synergy between the three execs at Inkblot and why everyone needs to see this articular Romantic comedy which Is in cinemas all over Nigeria at the moment (go and watch it!)Listen To The Extended Version Here :

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Its An IMG Special!

We have the Stars and Producer of The perfect Arrangement playing an interesting game of Did You Toast Or Are You Toast?

It’s Team Chidi Vs Team Cheta with Bars Like You have probably never heard before. Say You are Tade Kalejaiye, which one of these two brothers are you walking away with?

Let Us Know In the comments.

Don’t forget that The Perfect Arrangement is out in cinemas worldwide From the 13th of May, make sure you go to watch!

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