Can You Believe it? The is The Final Episode of the season! Crazy we know but it flew by!

A special thank you to all of you for rocking with us this season! And To all our amazing guests, we can’t thank you enough!

That’s all for this season but make sure you listen to the end of this episode , a surprise is in store for you (a little hint, its the sequel to a movie you all love!)

We are going on a little break but don’t worry we’d be back soon, in the mean time you can totally listen to our entire season again (because why not) and you can also leave us with names of the guests you would like to see in this coming season!

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The Cast Of The Perfect Arrangement On Inkblot Meet And Greet

On Today’s Episode, we have the Cast Our Latest Movie The Perfect Arrangement, Bovi, Pere, Sharon and the Executive Producer Eku Edewor Sit down with our Hosts to talk everything concerning The Perfect Arrangement.  

They discuss what it was like on set playing Chike, Chidi and Tade, the ‘Perfect’ synergy between the three execs at Inkblot and why everyone needs to see this articular Romantic comedy which Is in cinemas all over Nigeria at the moment (go and watch it!)Listen To The Extended Version Here :

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Its An IMG Special!

We have the Stars and Producer of The perfect Arrangement playing an interesting game of Did You Toast Or Are You Toast?

It’s Team Chidi Vs Team Cheta with Bars Like You have probably never heard before. Say You are Tade Kalejaiye, which one of these two brothers are you walking away with?

Let Us Know In the comments.

Don’t forget that The Perfect Arrangement is out in cinemas worldwide From the 13th of May, make sure you go to watch!

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John Demps, Every Director’s Dream DOP – Inkblot Meet and Greet [S4 E7]

From shooting videos for 2pac and Ice cube, to directing the highest grossing movie In Nollywood,  to getting recently nominated for an AMVCA twice and already winning once, it’s safe to say John Demps has almost done it all.

The cinematographer joins us on this episode to discuss his journey into film making which a lot of people don’t know about because he is a bit of an enigma (we see his name all over our Nollywood Blockbusters but no one really know much about him outside that)

He tells us all the different parts involved in the film making process and what for him is important when working with a film crew. 

Want to become a Director of Photography yourself? Don’t Miss this one!

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JOY AZUMARA on Intellectual Property & how to protect it – Inkblot Meet and Greet [S4 E6]

It’s The 6th Episode and we have the The Super Talented Joy Azumara, A Senior associate at Jackson Etti And Edu where she handles the Intellectual Property Department. Just in time for Intellectual Property Week!

She breaks down all the different parts of Intellectual Property, what is termed acceptable and what isn’t and finally the different way in which one can protect themselves from issues of Intellectual Property Theft.

If You’ve Ever Had any Interest in Intellectual Property, this episode is for you! You can get more information on all things IP From the Jackson Etti and Edu Website;

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It’s a Brand New Episode Of IMG Podcast and we’ve got the delectable Beverly Naya on the show today. She talks getting started in Nollywood, her Fashion Line ‘BENAYA’, the colorism that exists in the industry(Lighter actors getting cast over Dark Skinned actors) and the upcoming second part of her acclaimed documentary  ‘SKIN’.

Also there was talk of a Trip somewhere nice sponsored by Inkblot… maybe. Listen to find out!

Catch Beverly On IG; @thebeverlynaya and @benaya_official Shop Benaya on;

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Inkblot Productions

Tobi Bakre & Fiyin Gambo of The Blood Covenant On – Inkblot Meet and Greet [S4 E4]

Welcome Back!

Its the Fourth Episode of the Season and we have the Talented Tobi Bakre and Director Fiyin Gambo on the show today to discuss what it was like making THE BLOOD COVENANT movie which is out in cinemas from the 15th of April 2022.

Some interesting things about a horse were said…..

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Falz – The Hopelessly Optimistic 2 Minutes Man – Inkblot Meet and Greet [S4 E3]


Its the Third Episode(where is all the time going) and we have the Man Of Many Caps, Falz.

He takes us through his journey from what it was like when he first began Releasing music and staying consistent over the years, to acting and becoming a producer himself and finally he gives us his thoughts about the current events in Nigeria. 

There is also talk about being a 2 minute… person.

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Bimbo Ademoye, From Carryovers To Carrying Awards – Inkblot Meet and Greet [S4 E2]


Its the Second Episode and we have the Delectable Bimbo Ademoye!

She takes us through her journey into acting, what it was like getting a degree in Business Administration, her take on the movie industry right now (an interesting run in with a producer) as well as her hopes for her future in Nollywood.

Oh we also talk about that horse incident.

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Bovi, From Comedian to Nollywood Man on Fire – Inkblot Meet and Greet [S4 E1]

Welcome Back! Its the Season 4 Premiere of Inkblot Meet & Greet!

Our Hosts Naz, Zulu and Damola are joined by Ace Comedian Bovi.

He Talks About His Journey from Comedy to becoming a producer as well as being a RomCom leading man. He Plays a starring role in Inkblot’s upcoming movie – The Perfect Arrangement and gives some interesting insight to what it was like to have Naz as his director.

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