The Arbitration’ – A Must Watch for Everyone!

Directed by NiyiAkinmolayan, written by ChinazaOnuzo and produced by, OmotayoAdeola, Zulu Oyibo and ChinazaOnuzo ?The Arbitration? embodies a compelling story of love, perfidy, ambition, avarice, ardour and justice.

One side pits OC Ukeje, who plays Gbenga Sanni, heading a top pick cast of sublime actors and Ireti Doyle playing an intrinsic role as Funlola Johnson- his legal luminary with an overbearing, tyrannical and winning state of mind.
On the inverse of the case is Adesua Etomi who plays the character Dara Ogunjobi, Gbenga’s former mistress and work accomplice. Things head south when Dara discovers Gbenga?s scheming, and even worse, she makes claims of sexual assault.

Dara employs the services of OmawumiHorsfall (SomkeleIyamah), who must ensure Dara get the equity she feels she merits. Consequently, an arbitration panel is assembled to discover the truth behind obscure activities. The onus is on The Arbitrator (Sola Fosudo) to make the decision. Will he make the right call? The only one way to find out is by watching the scintillating movie. THE ARBITRATION, NOWSHOWING ACROSS CINEMAS IN NIGERIA.

Other Key cast include: Beverly Naya, Gregory Ojefua (The witnesses)and Lota Chukwu, who plays the role of the para legal.

The Good, The Bad Of Workplace Relationship Highlighted In ‘The Arbitration’

There have been debates on the appropriateness of workplace romantic relationships. According to a 2005 study, workplace relationships can impact a worker’s ability to stay focused and succeed.

This is the subject of a new movie, The Arbitration by Inkblot Productions.

The Arbitration tells the story of a work place affair between two geniuses- Gbenga Sanni (OC Ukeje) Founder of Iwaju Limited and Dara Olujobi his right hand woman- who successfully built a billion naira technology business.

However, when the relationship ends, Dara reports Gbenga to the police for rape. After the police refused to prosecute, she is left with one option – to seek justice through arbitration.

“The Arbitration was a joy to make. We had a great time figuring out the different characters and the roles they played,”Niyi Akinmolayan who directed The Arbitration says at a media screening held in Lagos, Nigeria this week.

“Working with professionals of this caliber makes my job easy. I’m pleased to see it all come together,”
The movie features an all-star cast including OC Ukeje, Adesua Etomi, Iretiola Doyle, Sola Fosudo, Somkele Iyamah, Beverly Naya, Gregory Ojefua and Lota Chukwu.

Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, The Arbitration features Adesua Etomi, OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Somkele Iyamah, Gregory Ojefua and Industry Veterans Iretiola Doyle and Sola Fosudo.

The Arbitration was written by Chinaza Onuzo and produced by Chinaza Onuzo, Omotayo Adeola and Zulu Oyibo.

The Arbitration

The Arbitration is a 2016 Nigeria romantic drama film, written by Chinaza Onuzo, directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, and produced by Chinaza Onuzo, Omotayo Adeola, and Zulu Oyibo. The film stars OC Ukeje, Adesua Etomi, Iretiola Doyle and Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama.

Gbenga (OC Ukeje), is a charming entrepreneur, running a very profitable tech company, and is the defendant in a law suit filed by Dara (Adesua Etomi), a computer engineer, whose talent helped Gbenga’s company acquire the height it’s reached. Both colleagues were lovers whose relationship ended when Gbenga discovered his wife (Beverly Naya) was pregnant with their supposed-to-be first child. Her lawsuit seeks compensation for those accounts, but the too ambitious Dara is strongly strongly trying to get Gbenga to admit he’d raped her while she was in a drunken state
Produced by Inkblot Productions, the film was released in Nigerian cinemas on 12 August 2016. It also premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch the official trailer for ‘The Arbitration’ starring OC Ukeje, Adesua Etomi, Sola Fosudo, Ireti Doyle & more below: